Talent and Organization go hand in hand. . Exploiting the full value of Talent requires creating the conditions and the appropriate framework to develop it and live up to expectations.

An outstanding employee experience; a differential employer positioning; an innovative, collaborative and inclusive culture; an agile framework; … These are, among others, key drivers of the organization’s present and future success.

At SELETIA we have a solid track record of measuring and improving employee experience, creating and positioning of employer brands and the cultural transformation of large companies.


Employee Experience

evaluation and vision from the employee's perspective

What better way to get feedback as an employer than to ask employees. Through the multi-device application Personometro.com, you can carry out adhoc, multivariate surveys and make use of its powerful analysis tool. And, on top of this, to count on our expertise in Qualitative Analysis Techniques (Focus Groups, Thematic Workshops, Quick Quizz, ...)

change management and breakthrough mindset

Innovation and progress are only possible through knowledge and adoption by all the people who make up the organization. Fostering digital environments, agile ways of working, collaboration, communication, diversity, creativity and entrepreneurship, among others, is essential to adapt the organization to the new rules of the game.
Employer Branding

become a reference in attracting and retaining talent

Building an attractive employer brand is an essential competitiveness factor for any organization driven by talent. The goal is to become the best employment option, both for employees -increasing their enthusiasm, engagement and commitment- and for those professionals whom we would like to attract from the market (Candidates).

evolution of the concept and corporate culture model

In increasingly liquid and evolutionary organizational structures, with a growing need for new professional profiles, pushed by innovation, it is necessary to transform workplace and relationship models, change governance practices, adapt missions, reinvent processes, implement new tools and reformulate the vision of objectives and performance, among others.


Communicating your Employer proposition is as key to attract Talent as it is to motivate it and retain it. Be sure to share all your value as Employer with the talent you are searching for and your own employees today.

Clients_# Ourbestcredential

Having clients like these in our history

it’s a privilege

Clients_# Ourbestcredential

Having clients like these in our history
it’s a privilege

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