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Are you Digitally Proficient?

The word ‘digital’ floods our day to day… it is is the great driver of change in our society! 

Developing digital skills ’is essential for the professional development in the new scenario. 

But what are digital competencies?      

Digital competencies are the set of skills, knowledge and attitudes that allow the use of technology, systems and communications and their creative, collaborative, safe and constructive use. 

In order to facilitate the understanding of the concept of digital competence, the European Commission has developed the European Digital Competence Framework for citizens (better known as DigComp).

The 21 Digital Competences 

The Digital Competence Framework defines 5 major areas of digital competence on which the 21 key digital competences are developed.

 # 1 Information and Data Literacy

  • Browsing, searching and filtering of data, information and digital content.
  • Evaluating data, information and digital content.
  • Managing data, information and digital content. 

# 2 Communication and Collaboration

  • Interacting through digital technologies.
  • Sharing through digital technologies.
  • Engaging in citizenship through digital technologies.
  • Collaborating through digital technologies.
  • Netiquette
  • Managing digital identity. 

# 3 Digital content creation

  • Developing digital content.
  • Integrating and re-elaborating digital content.
  • Copyright and licenses.  
  • Programming. 

# 4 Security

  • Protecting devices
  • Protecting personal data and privacy.
  • Protecting health and well-being.
  • Environmental Protection. 

# 5 Problem solving

  • Solving technical problems.
  • Identifying needs and technological responses.
  • Creatively using digital technologies.
  • Identifying digital competence gaps.

Digital Skills Self-Assessment

DigComp 2.1 is a model with 8 proficiency levels and examples of use that facilitate the evaluation of the level of digital competence of an individual and its development.

In addition, in Europass we can find the following Self-Assessment Table that will allow us to measure our digital competence and be able to transfer it to third parties in a common metric, and even add it to our own CV!

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